Kim Booklass

Living in Australia
inspires me...

Living in Australia, I find inspiration from all aspects in life.

From a young age I have  immersed myself in all forms of art craftsmanship and technique.  One of my earliest memories was teaching children how to make daisy flower necklaces in my backyard.

I had been sculpting and working in molten metal casting for many years, but when I found Metal Clay a whole new world opened its doors to me.  As one of the top designers in Australia, I have had the pleasure of being a pioneer in designing unique pieces.  

I have found a way to merge my love of sculpting and jewelry with the use of metal clay.  I believe sculptures should be worn rather than sitting on a shelf.

I do hope you enjoy all of the unique pieces I have created which include wearable/multi use jewelry and sculptures out of my preferred clay, Aussie Metal Clays.

Kim Booklass